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Come On In Survivors

Feb 25, 2022

We're nearing the end of Season 37, but there's still so much game left to play! Will the Davids keep their majority alliance? Will Christian be able to manage his threat level? Or will his closest allies turn on him? All this and more in this week's recap!

Dec 10, 2021

This week we're looking at the penultimate episode of Season 41! Can Danny & Deshawn flip the game back in their favor? Will Ricard be able to pull out an immunity win? Will Erika and Heather turn their back on one another? And what twists await us in the finale? 

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Oct 28, 2021

This week, we're breaking down all the moves and mechanics from Season 41 Episode 6 including Shan and Ricard's falling out, tribe cannibalization, the merge twist, Erika's "Cher Advantage," and more!